Lincoln Brewster Reveals Cover, Preorder Dates For New Album 'God Of The Impossible' Out May 4

Marcus Lundin Mar 25, 2018 02:42 AM EDT
Lincoln BrewsterCover for Lincoln Brewster's 2018 studio album God of The Impossible.

In a live broadcast on social media on Saturday evening, worship pastor and contemporary Christian musician Lincoln Brewster revealed his upcoming album, God of The Impossible, speaking about the story and process behind the album and answering questions from fans. The new album is slated for release May 4 and is available for preorder starting Good Friday, March 30.

During the broadcast, which went on around 20 minutes, Brewster explained the recording and songwriting process behind the album, explaining that it is sort of a progression from his most recent album Oxygen. Being widely known for his virtuoso guitar playing, he also reassured fans that the album will include many new guitar solos.

Speaking about the naming of God of The Impossible, Brewster explained that there is a lot behind it, "The longer I go through life, the more it is important to remember who God is, and what he's capable of. Things that seem hopeless or impossible for us are not impossible for God. He really is that in my life, and really in anybody [who] puts their faith in him that's what he represents, it's the God of impossible things."

God of The Impossible will also be available as a deluxe edition, featuring a piano and vocal version of the song "While I Wait," and a few other acoustic tracks that Brewster says he believes fans will enjoy. The deluxe edition will also feature a special instrumental track from an upcoming instrumental album.

During the reveal, Brewster gave fans a musical sneak peek of several tracks on the album, including the deluxe edition instrumental track called "Relativity," and the acoustic version of "Deep Down."

Responding to questions, Brewster also talked briefly about his signature Fender Stratocaster guitar that is currently in final testing stages, slated for a potential release later in 2018, showing viewers the most recent prototype. He confirmed pickups on the guitar will be DiMarzio Area 58s and Area 61 and that the guitar will have a special boost circuit built in.

For more information about Brewster and his upcoming projects and tour dates, please visit his official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A recording of the album cover reveal is available via Facebook below:

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