Legendary Singer-Songwriter Graham Kendrick Releasing New Live Album 'Keep The Banner Flying High' On Friday

Marcus Lundin May 16, 2018 07:48 PM EDT
GRAHAM KENDRICKCover for Graham Kendrick's 2018 live album Keep The Banner Flying High.

Legendary Christian singer-songwriter Graham Kendrick is returning with his brand-new live album, Keep The Banner Flying High, releasing this Friday, May 18. Considered by some as one of the "fathers of modern worship," his latest offering is full of biblical truths that still resonate today and the album contains all new songs as well as songs written over the last three years.

Keep The Banner Flying High is a collection of songs that, according to Kendrick, aims to stir the listener to keep pressing on, keep praying and keep telling the story. Speaking about the heart behind the new album, he explains, "As the banner of Christ has been raised up and passed down through generations of faithful saints, so we can now play our part in completing the work together."

"In these songs we are encouraged to take refuge in God alone," says Kendrick, to "find our worth at the cross, keep worshipping and trusting during good times and bad, with Jesus' prayer 'Your Kingdom come' in our hearts and on our lips."

On his first recording since Worship Duets, released in 2013, Graham has collaborated with several established artists such as Keith and Kristyn Getty, as well as relative newcomers Jake Isaac and Ben Trigg, resulting in an inspiring record.

Kendrick is currently performing around the U.K. and is also scheduled to perform at the large Christian festival Big Church Day Out later this month on May 27 in Wiston House, West Sussex, and June 2 at Caperstone Hall, Cheshire.

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Click below to watch a preview of Kendrick's new album Keep The Banner Flying High which is available for pre-order and purchase here, as well as all major digital download and streaming services, including iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon Music and others:

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