Lecrae's 'Anomaly' Weaves Through Personal, Emotional, and Physical Struggles as God's Love for His 'Outsiders' Remains (REVIEW)

Justin SarachikSep 09, 2014 10:37 AM EDT
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Today marks the release date of the highly anticipated Anomaly by Christian rap sensation Lecrae, and BreatheCast reviewed the album track by track. Lecrae's seventh album might be his best yet, as he opens up more about his personal life in the songs.


Opening up with "Outsiders," the eerie intro leads into Lecrae coming in heavy with an aggressive rap about being an outsider to the world. This word paints a motif that is seen through the entire album as God's people are seen as not an "insider."

"Welcome to America" is Lecrae's battle cry song as he talks about things that are happening around this country. He stands tall with patriotism on this track and condemns those who do not care about the freedom they are blessed to have.

The next track, "Say I Won't" features Andy Mineo. It is a funny song where he and Lecrae have some fun playing off each other's verses. The two perform some lyrical backflips on this track and play off some hip-hop swag.

"Nuthin" has it all as far as a single and hip-hop banger goes. The hook is infectious and the beat hits hard as it is sampled from "5 On It." Lecrae raps about how hip-hop these days paints everything so glamorous when really it fails to mention all the struggles and consequences. It is the real problems that he is not afraid to talk about.

The next track "Fear" is about Lecrae in the future looking back at his past. He takes a look at all the times he let himself down by being scared. The song is about putting that trust in the Lord and knowing there is nothing to fear. This song also has an amazing beat and chorus.

"Anomaly" is what Lecrae refers to himself and other Christians as because "they don't fit in." Christians are "outsiders" to the rest of the world, but God sees them as special.

The next track is "Timepiece" and it speaks on humans using the moments we have on the Earth before our time is up. Ultimately God holds all time, and while people question their existence our salvation is what holds our future in the balance.

"Dirty Water" talks about about drinking water in the sense that it is supposed to be life giving, but sometimes becomes contaminated. In other words, we have the promise of goodness and life, but it can be tainted and prove more harmful than good.

"Wish" talks about what Lecrae feels he could do better. He looks back on mistakes and missed opportunities. "I wish I didn't do it, but I did" he raps. He also talks about wishing he could pray more and have more goals.

The next track, "Runners," is about temptation with the ladies. He talks about his "good woman," his wife and how anyone else he encounters is not someone he should be getting involved with.

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"All I Need is You" is another super catchy track. It is about not being afraid to admit that all we need is God to help us get by in life. Despite whatever problems we go through, God is there when we need Him. The song could also have the alternate meaning of being about a girl, which in his music video he makes about his wife.

The following track, "Give In," features singer Crystal Nicole. "Giving it all away, no more hiding, no more stalling. I hear you calling me and I'm coming, see me running, I give in, you win." This powerful chorus rings out as another anthem on the album. Lecrae raps about the power God gives to his children and how we have to surrender to Him.

"Good, Bad, Ugly" is a deep and personal song for the rapper. He speaks about 2002 when he became a Christian, but was still running around in his same old ways. He shares about dropping his girlfriend off at an abortion clinic upon finding out she was pregnant. He then goes on to reveal being molested by a female baby sitter when he was a young kid. In a previous interview Lecrae said he had to call his mother before putting this album out to explain some of its content. This song is undoubtedly the culprit of this.

Kari Jobe pops up on "Broken" and sets the tone of the track with beautiful vocals about how God never leaves us. Lecrae raps some of his most poignant lyrics on this track as he talks about being God's "broken instrument." We are all people with our unique problems, vices, and short comings, but God can still use us.

The final track, "Messengers," includes for King & Country, and has a cool indie rock/rap vibe to it. This song is a rallying cry for God's people to get together and move forward for the kingdom.

Overall, this album is incredible and is on par with a lot mainstream top albums artists such as Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The production is outstanding as all the beats hit hard and fill the tracks with emotion. Lecrae is at his lyrical and raw honest best, and the songs resonate. Every song and guest feature is memorable and essential to Anomaly as a whole.

The Reach Record artist sat down for an in-depth on camera interview with BreatheCast about the record and the shift currently taking place in culture. Watch below:

Watch his video for "All I Need is You" Below:

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