Large Billboard That Reads 'God Loves Gays' to be Placed in Topeka Kansas as Message to Controversial Westboro Baptist Church (VIDEO)

Jeannie LawAug 21, 2014 10:47 AM EDT

In hopes to destroy the message of hate projected by the people of Westboro Baptist church, a comedian that goes by the name of "god" is set to post a large billboard in Topeka Kansas that reads, "God loves gays."

The Westboro Baptist Church has been known to discredit the message of the love of God by spewing hateful things against homosexual groups saying, "God hates Gays."

They are known, as a group that protests at the funerals of soldiers and others with their hate-filled signs.

Comedian, "god," took it upon himself to respond with a large Billboard. "Let's put up a billboard in Topeka, Kansas that sends a positive message into the world!" he wrote on the campaigns indiegogo site.

In a video released for the campaign, the cartoon mock god says, "I love gay people! Gay people are fabulous. The world needs to know that god loves gay people."

The goal of the campaign was to raise a lot of money to keep the Billboard up in Kansas.

"When people see villains such as Westboro existing in the world, and no one doing anything about it, it disheartens them greatly. They lose faith in humanity and in the world," comedian "god" said on Indiegogo, "The time has come for good people to fight back. With love!"

The team consisting of "god" and a man named Dustin Lake says their aim is to go well beyond the borders of Kansas, "If we raise enough we could put up billboards in other states as well," the video states.

The cartoon "god" used social media to help push the campaign and his 1.72 million followers on Facebook and 72,000 on Twitter help complete the goal. The cost of the 12-month campaign was $50,000

Many Christians disapprove of Westborro's tactics, but stand behind the position the Bible takes against homosexuality in the Old and New Testament. When news of the colorful billboard surfaced some Christians chimed in with their thoughts on it.

"God loves all sinners, why does this campaign-to showcase God's love for sinners?- single out the homosexuals? Why not include the adulterers etc.," on said on the Internet.

Another wrote, "God, (the Almighty, not the facebook dude), loves everyone. He loves the sick, downtrodden, killers, liars, haters, cheaters, name it, God loves every single person that has ever lived since the beginning of time. Yes, GOD LOVES GAYS!!!"

What are your thoughts on the billboard? Leave your comments in the section below.

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