Kree Harrison Stuns American Idol Judges With "Up to the Mountain"

Andrea Williams Mar 01, 2013 10:09 AM EST


(Photo : Kree Harrison)


Kree Harrison, a country singer from Nashville, blew judges away with her soulful rendition of Patty Griffin's gospel track "Up to the Mountain" on Wednesday night's episode of American Idol.

The song, which was written in honor of the slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has been performed on Idol in the past - first, by Kelly Clarkson on the "Idol Gives Back" charity episode during season 6, and also by Crystal Bowersox, who performed it during the last round of season 9 of American Idol.

With such emotive lyrics (Sometimes I feel like/I've never been nothing but tired/And I'll be walking/Till the day I expire/Sometimes I lay down/No more can I do/But then I go on again/Because you ask me to), it's no surprise that "Up to the Mountain" has been so popular with contestants.

And with Harrison's haunting voice singing those lyrics, it's understandable Idol judges were completely blown away, or that she, too, landed a coveted spot in the Top 20.

"You are such a natural born singer," said American Idol judge Keith Urban, "and it's so beautiful to watch you sing, too - not just to listen to it, but watch it. And country music, for me, there are so many styles within the foundation of country music, but certainly blues and gospel play a big role - and you embody that so purely and beautifully."

Watch Harrison's full performance of "Up to the Mountain" below, and let us know if you think she has a chance to win it all this year.

Kree Harrison - Vegas Singoff - American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic 


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