Kirk Cameron Announces New film 'MERCY RULE' Starring Both Himself and Wife Chelsea

Jeannie LawJan 16, 2014 04:54 PM EST

Actor Kirk Cameron was excited to announce his new movie MERCY RULE with his fans on social media this week. The movie will star the Growing Pains actor and his very own wife Chelsea Cameron.

"Ok, I've got a secret to share. No one has heard this yet. Shhhh..." the former child actor posted on Facebook. "Brand new movie coming out soon- about family, faith, and baseball, with me and my wife Chelsea together in the movie, and guess who's playing my brother? Comedian, Tim Hawkins (Chic-Fil-A song)!! It turned out soooo good and I can't wait for you and your family to have it for your family movie night."

The Cameron clan is taking a whole new approach to movie distribution by asking the fans what form they would like to see the movie in.

"So I have an important question for you: if you could get this movie any way you want it without having to wait like you did for Unstoppable, would you like it on DVD, digital download, iTunes, Amazon, or in a movie theater?"

Opening up his Facebook page as the platform for responses, he added, "Tell me, tell me!! I will be reading your responses tonight. Thanks!"

mercy rule
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A day and a flood of responses later, the outspoken Christian actor took to Facebook yet again and said how appreciative he and his family were after the tremendous amount of feed back they received with the movie announcement.

"Wow!!! I'm overwhelmed by your responses to my brand new movie, MERCY RULE... you shared this with almost 5 million people, and 60,000 of you told me HOW you want to see it."

"My wife Chelsea was sooooo encouraged by your comments. I'm super excited to show you the movie trailer next!! I'm going to get MERCY RULE to you just the way you want it as quickly as possible. I want to serve it up the way your family likes it," he added.

MERCY RULE  will be Kirk Cameron's first non-documentary movie since the hit Fireproof in 2008. This will be comedian Hawkins' first feature movie. Hawkins, who is widely known for his comedy specials, has garnered over 100 million views on YouTube and has performed at over 120 sold-out shows.

Cameron's wife of 23 years, Chelsea will also be featured in the film. The couple having a history of being on the big screen together starting back from when they met on the set of Growing Pains, and worked together on the Left Behind franchise.

A trailer has not emerged, but fans can keep an eye on Cameron's Facebook page for more details.

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