'King's Quest' News Update: Release Date For Upcoming Game Set For Next Tuesday

Jon MendozaOct 20, 2016 10:47 AM EDT
Sierra/King's Quest

Sierra Entertainment's final "King Quest" game, "The Good Knight" is set to come out next week, as per reports.

"The Good Knight," "King Quest's" fifth and last chapter is set to arrive on Oct. 25, Eurogamer has learned. As per the publication, the game is set to support PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

According to the report, "King's Quest: The Complete Collection" PlayStation 4 and Xbox One retail versions is set to cover the first four chapters on the disc. However, the final chapter is only set to have a code. On the other hand, the Xbox 360 retail release only has the first chapter on disc while the other games in the collection have the code.

In a statement, The Odd Gentlemen Head and Creative Director Matt Korba spoke his thoughts about the game reboot's conclusion. As cited by We Got This Covered, he said that watching King Graham grow up through each chapter had been surreal for their team, as they themselves had grown as game developers and humans right beside him.

According to Korba, it was a rare opportunity to be able to cover the lifetime of a character in one series of a video game, adding that as they approached the end, they were incredibly excited for players to experience the final pages of such vision of Graham's journey.

Previously, Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead also gave a positive feedback on the game's first episode. As cited by the publication, he said that so many developers had tried their hand at reviving "King's Quest" over the years, from Silicon Knights to Telltale.

"...and it spoke highly of The Odd Gentlemen's vision that they had succeeded where so many others had failed," Whitehead said.

Developed by The Old Gentlemen, "King's Quest" reboot was initially released in 2015.

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