Kari Jobe Wedding: Singer Shares Bridal Shower Picture on Facebook [PICTURE]

Justin SarachikOct 24, 2014 03:29 PM EDT
Facebook: Kari Jobe

Christian worship pastor Kari Jobe shared a picture from her bridal shower held by Gateway Worship, and in the intimate snapshot the singer is seen gazing lovingly at fiance Cody Carnes.

"Tonight our @gatewayworship family threw us a wedding shower. Sweet night!! My heart was so happy and thankful. And my man @codycarnes looked so handsome! I love this season," Jobe posted to social media. (The picture can be seen above).

It is unclear whether the shower was a surprise or not, but being that Gateway Worship threw it and Carnes is there, it most likely was.

Previously she posted an excited picture that read "I get married 1 month from today!!!" several times followed by "Married! In 1 month! This is getting real! I can't believe it! I might be a little excited! Just a little! Well more than a little! AAAHHHHHHHHHH."

Jobe has her wedding registry public and if any of her fans are interested in blessing the couple for the big occasion they can purchase items here.

The wedding is set for November 21 2014.

Jobe announced her engagement back in August with a series of pictures and social media updates.

"I still can't believe I'm engaged!!!! AAHHHH!!!! I'm sooo soooo soooo blown away and thankful for all of your responses yesterday. I felt extremely celebrated. All of you are the best! Thank u for all the love to me and Cody Carnes," she wrote on Facebook.

Thousands of comments began pouring in to the "Majestic" singer's social media accounts.

"I said YES!!!! Thankful to be swept off my feet by my amazing Cody Carnes. You won my heart and I gladly give it to you. You're my miracle. Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you" Jobe said in the initial announcement, "You are strong, courageous, bold, romantic, Godly, sweet..and my man. I love you. I'M ENGAGED!!!! #CARNES2014"

Carnes is a worship pastor and artist with Gateway Church in Arizona. He posted a little blurb about it on his Instagram as well.

"Engaged to the incredible, beautiful, sweet, honoring, generous & loving @karijobe. My best friend. My teammate. My favorite. I've never felt more honored and loved. So excited to spend the rest of my life, hand in hand with this girl. WE'RE ENGAGED!!! #CARNES2014," he wrote.

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