Jordan Feliz’s First Full Album 'The River' Gets April Release

Jon MendozaMar 03, 2016 04:17 PM EST
Jordan FelizChristian music artist Jordan Feliz released his first full album “The River” in the beginning of the second quarter in 2016.

Christian music artist Jordan Feliz is set to release his first full album "The River" in the beginning of this year's second quarter.

According to a press release, Feliz is working with musical composer and producer Joshua Silverberg and pop/alternative producer Colby Wedgeworth as producers for the full length album. In addition, the project reportedly features a quartet of songs from Feliz debut album, "Beloved."

Interestingly, "The River" placed itself to number one on Billboard's National Christian Audience Chart for ten weeks, and number one on the Hot AC/CHR Chart for seven weeks, AC Monitored Chart for a week, and AC Indicator Chart for six weeks, as per The Christian Beat.

In a statement, Centricity Music General Manager Steve Ford said that when they had released Feliz's EP late in 2015, the plan had been to work the project for the next year and then release his debut full CD. However, the "phenomenal" success and increased interest for the artist's EP made them decide to push the release of the first full album to meet his demand.

Ford added that Feliz had a tremendous reach, since his music was highly relatable across the board with demographics, ranging from young kids to mature adults. The general manager added that the artist was the ultimate entertainer, as he delivered a strong live performance whether acoustic or with a band, aside from generating prodigious music.

For Ford, the main driving force for Feliz and the label was to deliver the message of hope, forgiveness, and restoration that he wanted to tell.

"The River" enlightens an artist's growth in a few months after some projects and raises the emergence of a major performer within the music realm. As per Centricity Music's website, fans can pre-order Feliz's "The Album" and get four songs instantly. The album costs $9.99.

Feliz's "The River" album arrives in local music stores on Apr. 22.

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