Joel Osteen Update: Watch Interview of Justin Tribble, the Man Behind Internet Hoax (VIDEO)

Matt LloydApr 13, 2013 07:15 PM EDT

A Minneapolis man, Justin Tribble, a 31 year old free lance writer, responsible for an elaborate online hoax impersonating pastor Joel Osteen is now stepping out to further what he calls a "media campaign" against the preacher.

"I am the person who created the Joel Osteen 'resigns' hoax that resulted in dozens of media stories, TV segments, a million hits in one day on the hoaxed sites alone, 500 frantic phone calls to the Lakewood Church and managed to cause Joel to smile even bigger than usual," says Justin Tribble.

"I did it because I wanted to get this guy's attention and get him to wake up," he continued.

In a new, personal message to Osteen, Tribble said: "It's time to get real, Joel. It's time to put the 'feel good,' 'prosperity gospel' message and all the platitudes and cliches aside for a second and get serious about real issues. You should be held to a higher standard - but nobody is holding you to that standard.

"I am begging of you, start talking about the real issues in this world and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Get serious. Take some risks. Get out of the insulated Lakewood social circle full of sycophants who agree with you on everything. I'm not seeing you do much of anything other than flash that big, fat grin on TV."

Joel Osteen has taken everything in stride since learning about his fake likeness on the web. Osteen spoke with ABC News overnight about the ordeal. "You know, I'm really not angry. I don't feel like a victim," Osteen said. "I feel too blessed, that life is too short to let things like this get you down."  He went on to say, "You can't stop everything from happening, but you can choose to say, 'God, it's in your hands'. I'm going to move forward. I'm going stay full of joy and I'm going enjoy this day."  



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