Jesus Culture Releases New Album 'Let It Echo,' A Song Of Energy, Passion

Jon MendozaJan 17, 2016 02:42 PM EST
Jesus CultureJesus Culture Music has unveiled another live recording album and this time, it is entitled “Let It Echo.”

Jesus Culture Music has unveiled another live recording album and this time, it is entitled "Let It Echo."

"Let It Echo" embraces the heart of the community of the band's one-year-old church in Sacramento, according to The Christian Beat. The publication added that the album seeks Jesus with a desire to explore him better and learn more about Him and how his passion diverged from cities to nations.

Some notable songs from the "Let It Echo" album include "Alive In You," "In The River," "God With Us," and "Power In The Cross."

"Alive In You" presents vibrant music created by drums, piano, and driving electric guitar. The energy remains steady in the verses, but boosts when the song reaches the chorus. "In The River" showcases a unique and fresh start with an energetic melody from an electric guitar, along with a soulful music tuned in by an organ.

"God With Us" is comparable to a hymn, with its lyrics' message as powerful as a choir leading people to join singing. Then, "Power In The Cross" talks about the virtues of love and hope, along with sacrifice, as sources of power in the cross.

Serving as Jesus Culture Music's best sounding album, "Let It Echo" also aims to unleash energy and passion from its first track to the last. The songs circle a common theme, which is "coming alive." Aside from being contained within the song lyrics, the main theme also flows through the energy and passion of the song's rhythm and melody.

Aside from "Let It Echo," other known albums of Jesus Culture include "Live at the Night," "Mighty," "Everything and Nothing Less," "Real Love," and "This is Jesus Culture," among others, according to the official Jesus Culture website.

Jesus Culture Music's "Let It Echo" is set to hit stores on Jan. 15.

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