JAVEN Worships with The Dream Center Church

Tracy WilliamsonJan 29, 2013 03:58 PM EST

As a Worshiper Leader, JAVEN understands how our personal time with God impacts the corporate body as a whole.  His upcoming release Worship In The Now comes directly from being in the presence of God and learning more of what He desires of us as worshipers. One of JAVEN's goals is to "Get America Worshiping" through outreach and encouraging people to stay before God no matter how the circumstances may appear.

On Thursday, January 31st, JAVEN will minister and lead worship at The Dream Center Church, 2301

Bellevue Ave in Los Angeles, CA 90026.  The Dream Center has developed a huge platform for outreach ministry and JAVEN will lead worship during their 7pm mid-week service.

JAVEN is looking forward to connecting with The Dream Center and releasing what God has poured into him through song. The connection will be one of many where JAVEN will share his heart, new music from Worship In the Now and his desire to "Get America Worshiping".

For More info on both services at the Dream Center visit: www.dreamcenter.org



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