Jamie Grace Releases Sophomore Studio Album ‘Ready To Fly,’ Says Record Represents 'What My iPod Sounds Like'

Jeannie LawJan 28, 2014 10:49 AM EST

After much success with her debut album, Christian Contemporary recording artist Jamie Grace along with Gotee Records ventured out to release the young singer's next full-length studio recording, "Ready To Fly."

Grace told Breathecast that her favorite song on the album changes all the time but as of right now it is, "The Waiting." It is a song penned by Grace, her sister Morgan Harper Nichols, and legendary singer Natalie Grant.

"We never really know exactly what God has planned or when things are going to happen, but we do always know that he has something planned and that he is going to do a work in our lives," she said. "The song is about being in the waiting, being in those moments. It's really cool to sing about the promise that He's not going to let us go even while we are waiting."

Ready to Fly, features a few collaborations but not quite like the family affair that takes place on arguably the most original track on the album, "White Boots," which features Nichols along with the girl's mother.

"I wish it happened sooner, My sister and I have our country duo together, 'Harper Still,' so we knew that when we did a duet together that it'd be country sounding at least. My mom came to me with the idea because she knew I wanted to do a song about purity. So when she came up with the concept of using boots as a metaphor of purity and waiting. I loved it!"

Grace is excited to share her newest musical work with the world and believes her growth has made the album well worth the wait.

"I can't wait for it to come out, I hope people like it and it'll make them smile a little bit," she said last week.

Grace said her best experience on working on the new album Ready to Fly was her very diverse collaborations. Some of the featured talent on the record is: Manwell Reyes from Group 1 Crew, Jason Crabb, her sister Morgan, and her writing collaboration with Natalie Grant.

"It was really fun to feature TobyMac on the first record and in the same light on this new record there's three features, and that was really cool to have so many features on this album. My sister does is kind of like a folk/singer songwriter and then Manny is a straight up rapper, so that's really cool, and Jason Crabb does southern Gospel."

With so much variety on the record the singer said, "That really does represent what my iPod sounds like."

22-year-old Grace shocked the Christian world when her song "Hold Me" from her debut album One Song at a Time scored the Atlanta born singer her first Grammy nomination and won her a Dove Award.



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