Jack White Says The Dead Weather & The Raconteurs Have New Songs Recorded, Working on 25 Tracks for Solo Record as well

Matt LloydJul 10, 2013 11:42 AM EDT

Jack White has been one of the busiest songwriters in the rock world of the last 10 years. Between the White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather and his solo recordings, his ability to push out songs with different bands and personalities is highly regarded. 

White confirmed a while back to Rolling Stone that The Dead Weather and the Raconteurs were both working and recording new songs and that Brendan Benson (vocals/guitars for Raconteurs) and the guys had just built a new studio in Nashville. 

All of the members from both of the bands are currently living in Nashville and are all friends, so it helps the chemistry of everything and helps there not be friction between projects.

The Raconteurs have put out 2 full length albums (Broken Boy Soldiers, Consolers of the Lonely) and done several tour and festivals mostly between 2006 and 2008 to promote their new albums. To form the Raconteurs, Jack White teamed up with Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence (bass, The Greenhornes/The Dead Weather) and Patrick Keeler (drums, The Greenhornes). 

The Dead Weather have also released 2 albums (Horehound, Sea of Cowards) which were both released less than a year part in 2009-2010. The band is a collection of musicians from other bands as well. Alison Mosshart (vocals, The Kills/Discount), Dean Fertita (guitar, Queens of the Stone Age), Jack Lawrence (bass, The Greenhornes/The Raconteurs) and Jack White (drums/vocals).

White's solo recordings are coming along as well. He had roughly 25 songs he was working on at the time of the interview and has since been bringing in his two backing bands, the Buzzards and Peacocks to be working out the new material to get ready to record. White's solo music always hits several genre's and his new music is expected to be all over the place sonically as well. 

There is no time table for any of the new records, but that fact that they are working together and that songs are being recorded is a good sign for fans of all of the projects.

For more information on The Raconteurs, visit their official website HERE (their website is fun and worth checking out) and The Dead Weather HERE.

Visit Jack White's Third Man Record Label website HERE



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