Israel Houghton Launches Website, Pre-Orders Ahead Of 'Road To DeMaskUs' Album Release On Sept. 28

Marcus Lundin Sep 11, 2018 12:28 PM EDT
ISRAEL HOUGHTON/PROVIDENT/SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Cover for Israel Houghton's 2018 album Road To DeMaskUs.

Six-time Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter, and producer Israel Houghton's latest album, Road To DeMaskUs, is available for pre-order and pre-save at most retailers and digital music services now. The eleven-track album which releases on Sept. 28 features the singles, "Reckless Love," and, "Promise Keeper (feat. Travis Greene)," included as instant grat tracks on all pre-orders.

In addition to "Reckless Love" and "Promise Keeper," the album also includes the songs, "Secrets," and "I'm With You / Be Still" featuring Houghton's wife Adrienne Houghton, "True" featuring The Walls Group, "Winning Side" featuring Chevelle Franklyn, and five more moving tracks.

Accompanying the Road To DeMask Us pre-order on Friday, Houghton also launched the website DeMask.Us. The site is a hub aiming to connect all the latest news and entertainment surrounding the album, including interactive elements for fans to create customized mask filters, reflecting the theme of the album to shed the masks that everyone wears in life.

Being intentionally creative with the album's spelling, "DeMaskUs," the title is a reference to the Biblical story of the Apostle Paul's journey of transformation which took place on the road to Damascus in present-day Syria. Houghton says Road To DeMaskUsis a reminder of God's ever-present love for who we truly are underneath the mask.

Road To DeMaskUs is available for pre-order and pre-save now, including on iTunesApple Music, and

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Israel Houghton, Road To DeMaskUs Track List:

1.    Secrets (feat. Adrienne Houghton)

2.    True (feat. The Walls Group)

3.    Easy For You

4.    All Together

5.    Promise Keeper (feat. Travis Greene)

6.    Reckless Love

7.    Freed Indeed (You Said I Am)

8.    Winning Side (feat. Chevelle Franklyn)

9.    Love Never Fails

10.  I'm With You / Be Still (feat. Adrienne Houghton)

11.  Feels Like Home

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