‘Iron Fist’ Release Date On Netflix, Cast News: Series Airs 2017; Comic Creator Rob Liefeld Answers To Racist Casting Issues

Jon MendozaOct 16, 2016 11:01 AM EDT
Netflix/Iron Fist "Iron Fist" is set to air on Mar. 17, 2017 on Netflix.

New details on the release date and cast on Netflix's "Iron Fist" have surfaced and as per reports, fans are bound to see the series next year. Also, Finn Jones' casting as the titular character has been linked to issues, which is argued by comic creator Rob Liefeld.

"Iron Fist" is set to come out on Mar. 17, 2017, Digital Trends has learned. As per the publication, the show's "ominous" teaser showcased the mystical elements of the character's story, which means fans are set to explore more of the character's origins, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Also, they are going to see how Iron Fist impacts other characters in the story.

In a statement, as cited by IGN, series showrunner Scott Buck revealed that the show would present a lighter tone, as compared to the former three Marvel-Netflix collaborated series. Buck said that Danny Rand himself was a much lighter character, adding that he was someone that had optimism and hope, and despite whatever the odds were, everything was always going to work out.

As per reports, "Iron Fist" started filming in April in New York City, with some sequences shot in Long Island and Brooklyn. Both locales served as hell's Kitchen neighborhood to a certain extent. The filming concluded on the first season on Oct. 8.

Finn Jones is set to play Rand's role and while the show has not aired on television, the actor has been attached to racism issues.

On Oct. 11, "Deadpool," "Cable," "X-Force," "New Mutants," and "Young Blood" comic creator Robert Liefeld, suggested on Twitter that "Iron Fist" had never ever been considered racist. He wrote "that's not Danny Rand. Why the reverse white-washing? Why is that necessary?"

The statement was Liefeld's response to Twitter user Samhain Van Haren (@SamShotFirst), who wrote that the crew still could have had the fish out of the water story if the actor had been an Asian-American guy who was out of touch with his heritage.

As for Jones, he shared how he prepared for the role. In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor said that he trained at least five hours per day to get in good shape and two-thirds of the time had been spent on learning martial arts in preparation for the combat sequences in the show.

Overall, "Iron Fist" is set to air on Mar. 17, 2017 on Netflix.

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