iPhone 8 Latest Release Leaks & Rumors: Apple Utilizing Remote Wireless Charging?

Joe BacaronNov 29, 2016 10:54 AM EST
Concept from MacRumors

One of the more exciting news to come out involving the iPhone 8 is that it's utilizing remote wireless charging, which would revolutionize the way people charge their smartphones.

Although wireless charging is not new, what Apple is thinking about with its 10th anniversary phone is giving people the power to charge at a distance. The Forbes article claimed the phone's battery will continue to take in electricity from the outlet even as far as 15 feet.

Initial leaks point to a receiver on the smart phone that connects the user to the electrical outlet. The benefit of this one is obvious. You can take that important call, or play a game without being tied down to an electrical wire.

Multiple news reports claimed that the iPhone 8, billed to be the best one yet among Apple's smartphone's lineup, will be rolling out in September next year.

For instance, next year's iPhone will have a dual-camera setup, said the prediction from Ming-Chi Kuo.

"We believe Apple will add OIS function to the telephoto CCM in order to enhance the selling points of next year's new iPhone," he said. "We think photo quality and optical zoom range may both improve as a result."

For now, however, Apple is sticking with the 4.7 inches for the basic iPhone and 5.5-inch display for the OLED iPhone. Previously, it was reported that it will feature the A11 chip with the 10nm process, although there's no confirmation of this from the Cupertino-based company.

But this won't come easy considering that Apple needs to redesign the image circle of the telephoto lens without necessarily cause the quality to degrade around the corners.

Watch out for more iPhone 8 news, which will be published here when they come along.

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