iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs, Price Leaks: New Color Of iPhone 8 Blush Gold Added

Kyle PetersAug 16, 2017 10:33 AM EDT
APPLE/iPhone 7

Apple's upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 8 is expected to be released in September, and the size of the iPhone 8 home button can be adjusted via a built-in feature, according to 9to5Mac.

Developer Steve Troughton Smith said on Twitter, "We know some facts re iPhone 8 home button area:

it resizes; indicator can be hidden; no API to change color; tab bars extend under it."

Potentially, a status bar is expected to appear near the home button and is likely to contain many features. The color of the home button can likely not be changed.

According to Phone Arena, Blush Gold color is rumored to be added to the iPhone 8's 64GB and 128 GB models. Blush Gold is supposed to replace the Rose Gold featuring the delicate coppery light. Upcoming iPhone 8 will be available in three different colors; Blush Gold, White and Black. 

The price is rumored to be between $1,200 and $1,400, suggests one developer, the most expensive of any iPhone so far. In addition, the initial manufacturing volume of the iPhone 8 will be between 2 million and 4 million units. 

Additionally, iOS developer Daniel Niyazov has discovered the code to enable/disable facial recognition in iPhone 8. iPhone 8 has a facial recognition feature called Face ID. This feature allows the user to recognize and unlock the user's face using the 3D sensor on the front of the iPhone 8. 

Even if it is placed on the desk, it recognizes the face well enough to recognize the face, and it is known that it will also support mobile payment service Apple Pay.

This year, Apple's iPhone lineup is expected to consist of the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8.



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