iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s: Cases, Jailbreak & Other Features

JAMES PETER Apr 17, 2013 06:59 PM EDT


Apple's Latest entry smartphone iPhone 5 has reached to 5 million people and Apple has smash hit on its hand.  Even though iPhone 5 is not revolutionary, it has a lot of demand.

If you are looking for a recent update, for sure iPhone 5 will be on the radar. What about last year's iPhone?  The iPhone 4S, it has lost its spot. No wonder the latest upgrade to this model is really not worthwhile.

There is no mistake in taking a distinctive view of IPhone 5 and 4S, because Apple has evolved and matured as a great deal since 2007 release.  The Control key in both the phones, the Charging slot is thinner than the old 4S iPhone. On comparing to both the devices iPhone 4S has a couple of minor points. iPhone 5 have a better feeling and its more comfortable. The Screen quality of both the phones 1136x640 pixels and the 4S is 960x640 pixels. Though iPhone 5 doesn't have a taller screen, it also has warmer colors, greater clarity in direct Sunlight and wider viewing angels.

The iPhone 5 is obviously a jump up form the 4S, when it comes to raw processor power; the A6 is way faster than the A5. The Ram has also been increased from 512 MB to 1GB. The Phone boots up faster and it runs game faster. This improvement in the iPhone 5 is noticeable.

So in Apple smartphones, what is all about Jailbreaking?  To tell in simple words, Apple's rule for App store is way too limited.  There are list of rules and sections, which is not possible to break. So iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S come under this platform. They have a hard time in patching system files to Phone.  So in that case, the iPhone 5 can be unlocked only in Apple Store's but Apple 4S can be unlocked in any store, because its not worth upgrading iPhone 4S.

The clear view of iPhone 5 meets the expectation and the real question, how much better is it? It really depends on what you want from your phone. Every one should go for iPhone 5.

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