iOS 10 News Update: Don’t Say Yes To Upgrade Just Yet?

Joe BacaronSep 21, 2016 10:04 AM EDT

The top US telecom carrier in the US has bad news for those wanting to upgrade to iOS 10: don't make the jump just yet.

The warning was tweeted by T-Mobile on Thursday, as shared by CNET, which claimed that consumers might be experiencing "connectivity issues."

"iPhone 6, 6+ & 5SE customers -- Do not download iOS10. We are getting reports of connectivity issues & Apple is working on a fix," it said. "If you have taken iOS10 on those iPhones, you can temporarily fix by powering down & back up. Permanent update coming within 24-48 hrs."

The Telegraph reported that connectivity issues are not the only problem that Apple users will encounter when they shift to iOS 10.

It said that many users of iPhone and iPad have complained of "bricking," which is just as bad as it sounds. This refers to the moment when your device is rendered useless due to the software or hardware update.

There were also news reports of the Wi-Fi not being able to work after the update to the iOS 10.

Apple issued a statement which said, "We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability. The problem was quickly resolved and we apologize to those customers."

CNET that the warning made by the largest US carrier is bad news for Apple, however, the company has a good track record in fixing glitches. Besides, software upgrades tend to experience some hiccups at the start of the launch, and this latest news on the iOS 10 could just be an example of one of those.

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