INTERVIEW: Matt Redman Shares About His New Album 'Your Grace Finds Me' and The Process of Writing and Recording

Matt LloydOct 09, 2013 01:23 PM EDT



Matt Redman is a Grammy and Dove award winning Christian singer/songwriter from England who has become one of the most widely known worship leaders all over the world.

He has written some of the most beloved worship songs of the last two decades such as "Heart of Worship", "Let Everything That Has Breath", "Better is One Day" and many more. His song "10,000 Reasons" became the anthem of the church this past year and he just released his latest album Your Grace Finds Me on Sept 24th, 2013. 

We would like to thank Matt Redman for taking the time to speak with BreatheCast. 

How does it feel to have released your new album Your Grace Finds Me?

MR: "It's always a joy to finally get the songs out to people. I guess we were working towards an album for a year or so - which makes the release of the album a really good moment - starting to see how the songs connect with people."


How was this album process different then your previous albums?

MR: "I think on this record I've really appreciate more than ever the team dynamic that goes into the writing, recording and releasing of these songs. There are so many other people's fingerprints all over this record and actually 15 songwriters on it, including me. In fact, six of those are on the song "Jesus, Only Jesus." I've really appreciated more than ever this time the friendships and team God has put in my life and though the record has my name on the cover, it's definitely a team effort."


Tell us the story behind writing the song, "10,000 Reasons"?

MR: "It was written very late one night in a little chapel in the village I live in, in the UK. We'd had a full day of songwriting and this came just as we were planning to pack up. My friend Jonas showed me an idea for the start of a chorus melody, and it so inspired us that the song is one of the quickest songs we've ever written. It felt like a lovely worshipful moment, and it's been so encouraging to see it become that for so many other people over these last couple of years. It's really just the simplest of songs - no bridge, no pre-chorus even. But somehow it seems to have made a nice connection in helping people voice their worship, and I'm so grateful for that."


What advice would you have to songwriters out there working on their craft?

MR: "Collaboration. Find a couple of songwriters who will be honest yet kind about your ideas, and with whom you can do the same. There's a fantastic dynamic that happens in that moment where we really start to bring the best out of each other."


If you could collaborate with one Secular Artist and one Christian Artist, who would you choose?

MR: "Difficult question! Ryan Tedder is a really smart and prolific writer and I like the way he has written great songs in various different music styles and genres, so perhaps someone like him. Christian-wise, I've already gotten to song write with so many of my heroes, and some of my friends are the worship leaders and songwriters I most admire. So I think I'd have to be someone who's no longer with us, like the old hymn writers Charles Wesley or Fanny Crosby!"


Worship music has come so far with all of the Passion Artists like yourself and the Hillsong United now touring all over the world. The creative process for worship keeps improving and growing, what are your thoughts on that?

MR: "One thing I love is all the cross-pollination that takes place between streams of the church. So, for example, Passion and Hillsong - there have been a lot of relationship and sharpening of each other. And even for me on this new album, there are a few songwriters from the Passion team and a couple of Hillsong writers on there too. I love that. I think it's true on a much wider level than this though too - I've noticed how worship music seems to be a greater 'unifier,' I think when we look together at Jesus we take our focus off any little difference between us that might have kept us apart previously."


Do you have a current scripture that is really speaking to you right now?

MR: "Psalm 145:9 - "The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He had made." That verse was one of the inspirations for  "Your Grace Finds Me," the title song on this new album. Everyone gets to taste the goodness and grace of God to some degree in their lives, whether they recognize and acknowledge Him or not."


What is one or two books that you would recommend to our readers that you have enjoyed lately?

MR: "For worship leaders and pastors, "The Case for the Psalms" by N.T. Wright - it's a really thought-provoking and challenging read. Also, I've just started reading "You'll Get Through This" by Max Lucado, and I think this new books of his is going to help a whole lot of people in tough circumstances they might be walking through. Then, on a lighter note, as the UK's biggest Duck Dynasty fan, I've been reading "Happy, Happy, Happy" by Phil Roberston and "Si-Colology" by his brother Uncle Si! An inspiring family, with a powerful testimony."


If you could play professionally for any sports team for one day, who would you pick?

MR: "Wow, not a question I've ever been asked! I lived in Atlanta for a couple of years, so let's just say the Braves. I've only seen them play once and I don't know the first thing about baseball, but I do like the idea of all that sitting around in the dugout that they do for half the game... ;)"


What are your touring plans for this Fall 2013?

MR: "I'm off on tour with Martin Smith (ex-Delirious) around Europe - we'll be showing up in places like Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Holland, France, Germany and the Czech Republic - plus I have a couple of events in London too."



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