Inside Look At How 'Bringing Up Bates' Parents Home School Their 19 Kids in Episode 208 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Jeannie LawJul 21, 2015 04:07 PM EDT

The 'Bringing Up Bates' series is back with all-new episodes exclusively on UP and in this BREATHEcast exclusive sneak peek we are given a glimpse into Erin's pregnancy and Michaella's wedding planning complications in episode 208.

In episode 208 "Life's Lessons" fans will get to learn how the Bates educate 19 kids on their own. Kelly Jo takes us inside her schoolroom and shows us the tricks to homeschooling so many children, all at different grade levels. Meanwhile, Tori continues her education at Crown College and Nathan takes to the skies in flight school.  

Check out the exclusive clip for BREATHEcast, Gil and Kelly Jo have a talk with Michaella a.k.a Michael regarding her wedding budget below:


Bringing Up Bates Ep 208




Highlights this season include Brandon's romantic engagement to Michaella in Washington, D.C. and the couple's plans leading into their just-announced August 15 the wedding in Knoxville, TN; dramatic milestones in Erin's challenging first pregnancy and joyful birth of baby Carson; the birth of Alyssa & John's first child, Allie Jane, in Orlando, FL; the family's unique, annual "I Love You Day" celebration; a fun-filled annual family trip to the lake; Addee and Ellie's joint birthday pool party; and a joyful season finale, featuring the family's singing debut at Dolly Parton's Dollywood.

Since its season one premiere on New Year's Day, "Bringing Up Bates" is the highest-rated series in UP's history. The reality series takes a fresh look on the ever-changing family dynamics of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and their 19 kids, aged 2 to 26 and now three grandchildren (including the newest addition, baby Carson!). The 14-episode second season is currently still in production on-location in Tennessee. In the all-new episodes, produced in association with Figure 8 Films ("19 Kids & Counting"), viewers will see more of this tight-knit, uncommon Tennessee family where daily chaos is multiplied exponentially - but so are the joyful and poignant moments that life can bring.

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