Hookers for Jesus Ministry Helps Prostitutes Trapped in Modern Day Slavery 'No Matter What You've Done... There's Redemption' (VIDEO)

Jeannie LawJul 14, 2014 11:27 AM EDT
hookers for Jesus
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Former call girl Annie Lobert is back on the streets of Vegas rescuing girls who are trapped in the bondage of sex slavery. In a recent interview she explained why there is a lust for the exploitative industry.

Hookers For Jesus is a non-profit organization, which addresses the harmful effects of prostitution, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry. Lobert runs a safe house for women on their way out of the sex industry with her ministry called Hookers for Jesus.

Her ministry is free and Lobert provides a homey bedroom in an air-conditioned, spacious safe house, healthy food, and vocational training for the women. Lobert told The Daily Beast in a recent interview, "I do what I do now because I'm overflowing with gratitude," she said, "I'm so grateful."

Lobert was a prostitute for over 10 years on the Las Vegas strip. She was arrested several times and near death many other moments.

She recalls wanting to start prostitution because of her love for money. Growing up in a home where she did not feel valued she found it in money, "Why not buy sex?...Part of the American dream is to have many sex partners, right?...More will make you happy, cars, clothing, whatever," Lobert told the publication.

"[Sex] is sold because people think it's a commodity," she continued. Lobert was trapped in the sex industry after a boyfriend began to pimp her and if she refused he would beat her until he broke bones.

"I had fallen in love with the Beast, from Beauty and the Beast," she said of her pimp.

Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Pimps gain complete control over the victims of sex trafficking and are forced into sexual services, in order to generate profit from their labor and commercial sex acts.

Unlike many of Loberts colleagues who did not make it out, she made her way out after having a true conversion to Christianity. In an I Am Second video she described the day she called on the name of Jesus.

"I knew I was at death's door," she said in the video. She recalled having a vision of her funeral and seeing her family standing over her body saying, "'she was just a prostitute.'"

She overdosed on cocaine and at that point she cried out, "Jesus please save me, I don't know if you're real but I don't wanna die." Lobert said the doctor told her, "'you are lucky to be alive, you have so much drugs in your system little lady, you should be dead. God must be with you.'"

She explained at that moment a peace came over her and she knew God gave her a second chance.

Now Lobert tells girls in sexual slavery, "God loves you, no matter where you've been, no matter what you've done, no matter how deep, how dirty you feel that there's redemption. You are white as snow when you accept him into you're heart."

Lobert is now married to Oz Fox, a member of the Christian rock band Stryper, and told The Daily Beast that although at one point she found her worth in sex and money she no longer does.

 "I love sex now, because I'm with my husband. But does it fulfill me? No. My husband's relationship with me does, his care for me, his concern," she said.

For more information on Hookers for Jesus visit their website. To hear Lobert's powerful testimony and what she is doing now view the videos below:

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