Hip-Hop Artist GAWVI Releases New Single, Music Video "With You," From Upcoming Album 'Panorama'

Marcus Lundin Oct 06, 2018 12:37 PM EDT
GAWVI/REACH RECORDS Cover art for GAWVI's 2018 single "With You"

Hip-hop artist and award-winning producer GAWVI has been teasing fans with the release of new music all year, and on Friday he released his latest single, "With You," from the upcoming album, Panorama, releasing on Oct. 19 on Reach Records. The 17-track sophomore album is available for pre-order now, and includes "With You" as an immediate download.

"I wrote this song because I want everyone to know that I am human too, going through personal things just like they are," GAWVI explains. "At the time I was dealing with depression, and I wanted people to feel the emotions I had. I didn't want to give away any answers, I just wanted to be there with you and cry with you."

Through songs like "With You," GAWVI says he has learned more about himself than ever before. He realized how much trying to please others had influenced his work in the past and that understanding this has given him a new creative foundation from where his music comes. He no longer feels bound to the expectations of others, but that music now has become his personal therapy and freedom. He is also more transparent than before.

GAWVI Panorama
Cover for GAWVI's 2018 album Panorama


"[For] this album I teamed up with D.A. Horton to bring you guys something special," GAWVI says. "For actual physical copies of my album I didn't want to just give you a booklet of credits inside the CD case. We designed a short booklet that is an easy read to start you off with your relationship with God."

He explains, "This was important to make because I understand what it's like to feel lost and searching for an answer. We took a lot of time with this and I pray it'll be life-changing."

GAWVI is currently planning to bring music from his new album on the road this year, where fans will have the opportunity to see the songs performed live and hear more about GAWVI's personal journey. For tickets and more information, please click here.

Panorama is available for pre-order and pre-save everywhere now, with links available here.

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Click below to watch the official music video for "With You," or click here to watch it on YouTube:

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