Heather Morris News: 'Glee' Star Talks Son Elijah, Baby No. 2 & a New Upcoming Project

Alyza Katrina C. TorresSep 11, 2015 09:46 AM EDT

'Glee' star Heather Morris is definitely taking on a new adventure after starring in the famous TV series. Not only because she is pregnant for the second time around, and married, she is also taking on a new project, this time it wouldn't be anything about musicals but horror instead.

Indeed it is a big transition but Morris is seen to be quite an extensive artist who is amazingly great in balancing family life as well, despite the hectic demands of her career. In a recent interview with E! News, the Glee star revealed all about her pregnancy, her firstborn son and her upcoming new project.

The proud parents of course gushed all about their soon-to-be two-year-old son Elijah as they talked with E! News. Elijah apparently "loves trucks, tractors, and counting," the birthday boy will be in New York with his parents on September 28. "We're really excited! We actually fly there before he's 2, so he flies for free," Morris' husband Taylor Miller revealed adding, "On our way back, we had to pay for a ticket, because [then] he's actually 2."

Meanwhile, the working mother and pregnant with her second child Morris also talked about how she balances her career with her family. "Working moms are the best kind!" Morris revealed adding, "They're so thankful and humble to have time with their children," and "when they get home, they still make time and do wonderful activities with their kids." She says that it's a must to "find time to do fun things."

And she really did find time to do fun things as she also revealed that she and her son Elijah will be doing "a lot of swimming" this summer and other fun things since Morris believes that "Creating that quality time is important," she said.

Meanwhile it has also been revealed that the pregnant actress has been very active to keep up with her healthy lifestyle while being pregnant. She's "going to the gym and working out twice a week, doing Pilates once a week." The actress also apparently loves to eat "jalapeños and really hot, hot sauce from a Mexican restaurant."

Morris' upcoming new project involves a short film titled 'The Cleansing Hour'.

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