'Hawaii Five-0' News, Rumors: Five-0 Discovers Slave Trade Operation; McGarrett and Danny’s Arguments Continue

Jon MendozaApr 03, 2016 09:34 AM EDT
CBS/Hawaii Five-0

Five-0 is set to discover a perilous slave trade on a ship in "Hawaii-Five-0" season 6 episode 18. Also, McGarrett and Danny are set to push their arguments at the hospital.

"Hawaii-Five-0" season 6 episode 18 is entitled "Kanaka Hahai." According to Spoilers Guide, Five-0 saw a man who is left for dead, drifting off the Oahu coast. As per the publication, when the man is found, they learn a deadly slave trade operation aboard an illegal fishing vessel.

Episode 18 is also set to see Danny with his children having some forms of bonding. However, things do not go smoothly, since his car was stolen. As a result, he commandeers a bus to go after the robber.

According to Danny's son is also discharged from the hospital and the detective will take Charlie and Grace for a family bonding. As per the publication, Grace is not giving her interest on joining her father and brother in spending the weekend. For, Grace, who is a teenager, she should be with her friends and going out without her phone is not funny.

In other news, Danny and Steve are set to defend their "car-guments" everywhere they go. As per Enstarz, while the two make a good tag team in the group, they fail to get along with ideas at time. It has been added that they are going to continue arguing from their hospital beds til the finale.

In "Hawaii-Five-0" season 6 episode 17, entitled "Waiwai," McGarrett and Five-0 must go after a Russian spy, who was involved in a heist of a flash drive that has classified NSA information that will poses a threat to their teammate's life. The episode also saw McGarrett understand the reason why Catherine left him.

"Hawaii-Five-0" season 6 episode 18, "Kanaka Hahai," is set to air on Apr. 1.

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