'Halo 5' Forge News Update: Game Leaks New Details, Features Covenant-Themed Items

Jon MendozaOct 20, 2016 09:46 AM EDT
343 Industries/Halo 5 343 Industries "Halo 5: Forge" has released new details about the game and these include some key items.

343 Industries "Halo 5: Forge" has released new details about the game and these include some key items.

"Halo 5: Forge" is set to feature some Covenant-themed items, Game Spot has learned. As per the publication, some game tools are now also available on Windows 10 PC game versions.

In a statement, as cited by Game Spot, "Forge" director Tom French spoke his thoughts about the Covenant's relevance to the "Halo" realm. He said that they had scoured the maps to find pieces and even shapes they could rip out of them that would make great accents with a wide variety of applications.

According to French, the had looked for pieces that would make great accents to levels, helping add the curves where needed and augmented that list with a lot of Covenant staples, such as Phantoms, weapon pods, and drop pods, among others.

French also mentioned that they had opened up the flood gates on social media, asking for suggestions, adding that the hundreds of screenshots and suggestions had helped them prioritize what they had been going to ultimately deliver.

"For sake of time and bandwidth, they had opted to spit the list between the two types of Covenant themes," French said. "...more classic Covenant style was prioritized for the first update and then followed by assets from the Elite home world Sangheili in the next (coming soon!)."

In a statement, as cited by Halo Way Point, "Forge" environment artist Ryan Kuehn also shared what he knew about the Covenant tools. He said that for the "Covie" stuff, they had decided that it had been important that it had matched with the Covenant material that they set up for Forgers on their primitive/structure pieces.

"We're already seeing some amazing maps utilizing these pieces and literally can't wait till you guys get your hands on the rest of them," Kuehn said.

Developed by 343 Industries, "Halo 5's" "Guardians" was initially released for Xbox One in 2015.

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