'Had Money, Fame...but was Still that Broken Little Girl,' Singer Jeannie Ortega Shares at Arise NY and KLOVE's Sponsored Event (VIDEO)

Justin SarachikMay 09, 2014 03:25 PM EDT

Last Sunday, May 4, BreatheCast was at the Arise NY Family Fun Day event in Central Park, NYC where former Billboard charting artist Jeannie Ortega performed, along with locals, the Paul Paoli Band, and speaker Chris White.

The concert was also sponsored by Christian radio network K-LOVE, and the event has been going on for around 10 years. Throughout the day hundreds and maybe even thousands of people walked through the park as the artists performed in the name of Jesus.

Preacher Chris White shared the gospel for around 10 minutes and spoke of a former young student of his who had slipped off into the world - Lady Gaga. He shared of a warning he gave her years ago, and said he continues to pray for her until this day.

White shared this story relating to Ortega, who at the event gave her testimony as well. She said, "I had the money, the fame, and the life, but I was still that broken little girl on the inside." Ortega went the opposite way. She experienced what the world had to offer, but it did not make her happy. She came to Christ and began to walk into the studio and up to people in the industry and excitedly share the gospel. She soon found that the very people who helped put her name on the map, were now the people who were abandoning her because of her new found faith.

This was just one of the many stories Ortega shared throughout the night as she ministered with the help of her backing band, a combination of two local NY groups, Process of Fusion and Hill & Ward.

Ortega has been performing music with Hill & Ward for a number of years, but for rap/rock band Process of Fusion, the experience was something brand new.

"When we first we told about this, I was a little hesitant to agree to it. But I have to say that it was a very rewarding experience to be a part of," said Dylan Klein, guitarist of Process of Fusion.

The Paul Paoli band performed their signature style of bluesy country rock music as well. The band had a grooving sound and even included a fiddle player.

The afternoon ended with a medley of the Paul Paoli Band and Ortega doing a few worship songs together.

The highlight of the afternoon was when during "Amazing Grace" Ortega told the crowd to sing and pointed out the microphone. It was at that time a huge gust of wind blew over all of Central Park as the people sang along. It made for an awesome moment that felt as if God moved through the city.

"It's always amazing for me to share my heart and music with others. To be able to do it in the middle of Central Park is like a dream. We need a Savior in this city and I feel honored that I get to share what He's done in my life with my fellow New Yorkers," Ortega told BreatheCast.

Watch some clips and pictures from the event compiled by Process of Fusion:

Paul Paoli Band- http://www.paulpaoliband.com

Jeannie Ortega - http://www.jeannieo.com

Process of Fusion - Facebook.com/processoffusion

Hill & Ward - http://www.hillandward.com

Arise NY - http://arisenewyork.org 

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