Gospel Singer Tommye Young-West Returns From 10-Year Hiatus With New Album 'The Return Of Tommye Young-West'

Marcus Lundin Oct 24, 2018 12:46 AM EDT
TOMMYE YOUNG-WEST/ROCK DANIEL RECORDS Cover For Tommye Young-West's 2018 album The Return Of Tommye Young-West

Gospel artist Tommye Young-West has returned to the recording studio and recently released her first new music following a ten-year hiatus. Aptly titled, The Return of Tommye Young-West, the new album released in August via Darrell King's Rock Daniel Records.

The Return of Tommye Young-West features eleven new tracks and is Tommye's first release since the passing of her husband and manager Calvin West. Following the release, the album peaked at an impressive No. 6 on Billboard's Top Gospel Albums chart (the week of Aug. 18).

Thrilled to be back in the studio, Tommye enlisted the help of many talented artists for the recording, including Bobby Jones, James Henderson, Brenda Ellis, Caltomeesh Candy West, Norris J, and John Yoggi Lewis. Jones lent his voice to the album's encouraging single "He Lifted Me."

"I have been honored to be a guest on his show for years," Tommye says about Jones. "For him to be such a distinguished man and a trailblazer in this industry and to sing on my new CD, it was an amazing blessing to have him on this recording,"

Tommye believes that fans will enjoy the traditional sounds of the track as well as the other sounds on the project, including praise and worship, choir music and ballads, as well as a new rendition of the Andre Crouch and Vanessa Bell Armstrong classic, "Shine On Me."

For Tommye, however, the album is more than just music. Passionate about lifting others up, she explains that music is only a vehicle that she uses:

"Those who have dreamed, labored, sacrificed and haven't been treated as they should have been - I want them to know that God has a purpose for them," Tommye says. "I want them to know that they will not leave this earth until what God has for them has been completed. I encourage them and want to let people know that no devil can stop them from the blessings that God will manifest in their lives."

Tommye's musical beginnings took shape in the West Dallas church pastored by her father, Bishop T.L. Young, where she gained a reputation as a superior vocalist from her solos, choir singing, and duets with her sister. Garnering not only the attention of the sacred music world, but the secular music industry as well, she eventually landed a major label record deal.

Successfully debuting as an R&B artist in the 1970s, Young-West eventually found hersel unfulfilled spiritually and soon returned to her gospel roots. Following her marriage to the late Calvin West, she eventually began performing as Tommye Young-West, recording several gospel albums throughout the years.

The Return of Tommye Young-West is available for streaming and purchase everywhere now, including iTunesSpotify, and Amazon Music.

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Click below to watch Tommye Young-West perform her current single "God Did It" on Fox 4 News in Dallas:



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