GoPro Hero 5 Release Date, Specs, Price Rumors: 8K Video Recording Action Camera to Arrive in October?

Chandan DasMar 03, 2015 04:13 PM EST
A YouTube file photoGoPro Hero 4

American multinational corporation GoPro, well-known for manufacturing high definition personal cameras, plans to upgrade its existing product lineup by releasing the latest GoPro Hero 5. It is expected that the company's upcoming action camera will be released in October 2015, which corroborates with an earlier report by Christian Post.

Christian Today says that the specs of the purported GoPro Hero 5 includes superior video recording and image capturing. The new device will be far more improved compared to the company's existing flagship action camera GoPro Hero 4.

One of the important features of the upcoming device will be its ability to record a maximum resolution of 8K. Although the company has yet to specify the frame rate of recording at such a high resolution, it is expected that the GoPro Hero 5 will have the capability to record 4K videos at an amazing 60FPS frame rate. Moreover, the Hero 5 will pack a faster Bluetooth 4.0 module allowing transfer of high definition content to other devices wirelessly more quickly. Considering how recording at 8K resolution will consumer huge flash memory space, the pace of transfer will be thoroughly vital.

Last year, GoPro shipped out the Hero 4 action camera in two variants - silver and black. The black variant of GoPro Hero 4 turned out to be more popular mainly owing to the camera's ability to record at a frame rate of 30 FPS on the 4K resolution. On the other hand, the silver version came with a touch screen feature, but this model's 4K recording capabilities were restricted to just 15 FPS.

Once the company releases the GoPro Hero 5, it will try to do away with the restrictions mentioned above and, at the same time, upgrade the upcoming action camera's performance. As far as the pricing details are concerned, GoPro is expected to release the Hero 5 with a price tag of $499.99.

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