G12 Worship Releases New Single "Abba Father" From "The Heart Of Man" Film Soundtrack

Marcus Lundin May 15, 2018 01:47 PM EDT
G12 WORSHIPCover for G12 Worship's 2018 single "Abba Father."

Contemporary Christian music group G12 Worship, formerly known as Dove Award-winning Soulfire Revolution, has just released their latest single "Abba Father." The song, produced by Anthony Catacoli, is the follow-up to their emotionally charged single, "Blood Of Jesus," and the group says their hope is that "Abba Father" musically brings "the depth and dimension while articulating the soul's deepest desire for God's love."

"Abba Father" is featured on the soundtrack to the 2017 documentary drama "The Heart Of Man" starring Robert Fleet, Serena Karnagy, and Justin Torrence, and is a story of the relentless pursuit of the Father for his prodigal son, paralleled with modern-day stories of hope and redemption.

Lorena Castellanos, who is a member of the G12 Worship team, explains the heart behind the new single, "This song is the expression of God's people showing the world that there is a Father who forgives and never stops loving, a good Father who desires to have an intimate relationship with his sons and daughters."

"The world has many leaders, but not enough fathers," says Castellanos. "We can be real fathers to this generation when we ourselves find the right model of fatherhood-which can only come from God. This song is an invitation to run to the throne of grace where the Father is. His welcoming arms are wide open-as open as the ones of he who died on a cross to reconcile us to God."

G12 Worship is the contemporary worship band of the G12 Churches in America, a collective made up of pastors and leaders from several congregations across the U.S. The group says new talent has recently joined the team and together their aim is to impact this generation for Christ.

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Click below to watch the official lyric video for "Abba Father," featuring footage from the film "The Heart Of Man":

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