Former Nickelodeon Producer Butch Hartman To Launch Oaxis Entertainment: A 24/7 Entertainment Streaming Service For The Whole Family

Marcus Lundin Jun 20, 2018 02:59 AM EDT

Long-time Nickelodeon producer and creator Butch Hartman has announced that he is launching Oaxis Entertainment, a new online streaming service dedicated to non-stop family-focused programming. The announcement comes only months after he left Nickelodeon after 20 years with the network.

In order to stay on track, and launch the streaming service sometime in 2019, Hartman is seeking the help of the community via a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, planning to raise over $250,000 in 30 days to kick off the project. The funds will go towards the development of the subscription-based platform, hiring creative producers and staff to generate original content, and acquiring material that aligns with Oaxis Entertainment's family-focused mission. 

Viewers can expect a wide variety of programming on Oaxis, with everything from animated series, drama, comedy, feature films, sports, fitness, reality, news, video games, and everything viewers expect from a premium entertainment service. Oaxis Entertainment also plans to feature a user-based upload feature that will allow users to upload their own family-focused content for others to enjoy. The user-submitted content will go through what Hartman calls the "Oaxis filter," ensuring that it is suitable for viewers of all ages before it goes live on the platform.

"As a family man working in Hollywood my goal has always been to provide quality entertainment that everyone can enjoy," Hartman explains. "With Oaxis, I now have an opportunity to give families the chance to connect and experience quality entertainment together again."

As a father and prolific content creator, Hartman says he seeks to create a unique platform where kids and parents can be entertained without being inundated with exploitative or violent content. "Oaxis" is a merging of the words Oasis and Axis, signaling a safe space in a digital content world that leaves families vulnerable to unintended and unwanted messages.

Stay tuned to BREATHEcast for the latest news about Hartman and Oaxis Entertainment, and visit the Kickstarter campaign for more information and ways to support the launch.

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