Flyleaf Introduces New Lead Singer To Replace Lacey Sturm

Breathecast reporterNov 15, 2012 03:27 PM EST

Flyleaf introduced their new lead singer to replace Lacey Sturm.

The new lead singer for Flyleaf is Kristen May.

Flyleaf, "Flyleaf fans, please welcome Kristen May to the Flyleaf family! She'll be assuming the lead vocal duties for any upcoming tour dates. "

Previously, Kristen May was a lead singer for the band named Vedera. Vedera disbanded in 2011.

Just a few weeks ago, Flyleaf and Kristen May played their first show together.

May's comment after the show, "Oh man, tonight was my first show with Flyleaf and it was AWESOME!!!! Playing with those guys is exhilerating and wonderful."

Many Flyleaf fans are sad that Lacey Sturm left, however there are more of those of Flyleaf's and May's fans who are excited to welcome Kristen May to the Flyleaf family.

Here are some welcomes from the fans:

V.S. "Kristen you are awesome! Flyleaf will be fine with your beautiful voice "

W.B. "Flyleaf was one of the key elements of us forming a band, and their music inspires us not only as musicians, but as people on God's earth as well. Although Lacey's departure certainly saddens us, we are all very supportive of her in deciding to move on with what's most important to her, very supportive of Flyleaf for continuing to go on, and very supportive of you for coming in. Your work with Vedera is fantastic! Anticipating the same for Flyleaf. We wish you all of the best luck and blessings and we patiently await a Flyleaf tour stop in SC so that we'll get a chance to see you in action with one of our favourite bands :)
Welcome to Flyleaf!!! m/ "

M.B "I have now listened to 5 of your songs (I love "Forgive you" btw) on youtube. I am a huge fan of Flyleaf and Lacey's vocal talent is amazing. While I am extremely sad that this is it for her with Flyleaf... based on what I listened too... I'm equally excited to hear your rock out with the guys of Flyleaf! Good luck and hope to see you during the tour!"

J.F. Hi Kristen :)
This, funny enough, is really hard to write. I'm such a huge fan of Flyleaf. They mean the absolute world to me and when I heard that Lacey was leaving the band my heart felt like it was breaking, both Flyleaf and Lacey are such huge inspirations to me and especially this year, which was a really difficult year.
However, I will always remain a dedicated Flyleaf fan and I know that Lacey and the boys knew exactly what they were doing when they approached you to sing :) So, what I'm trying to say is...welcome to the Flyleaf family ♥"

E.S."welcome to Flyleaf! you have a great voice!"

J. A. "Welcome to Flyleaf, we know you'll do a great job, God bless you!"

J. E. "I want to wish you good luck with Flyleaf. You have a pretty voice that I'm sure lots of Flyleaf fans will grow to love. ♥"

J. S. "Congratulations, Miss Kristen for making it to Flyleaf. I'm gonna miss Lacey so much. I took a listen on your songs, and they're all pretty good."


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