Flyleaf 'Between the Stars' Album Cover Unveiled; Record Releases September 16 (AUDIO)

Justin SarachikJul 23, 2014 04:13 PM EDT

Flyleaf has just unveiled the cover of their new album Between the Stars, and it is quite the looker!

The image shows what appears to be a headless statue or old painting of a woman. Instead of a head there are flowers, and the figure is sitting on some sort of floating water square in space. See the image above, as it is the cover photo.

Their first single released is "Set Me on Fire," which made it to radio on July 7.

The album will be the first full length with lead singer Kristen May after former singer Lacy Sturm left around two years ago. Between the Stars will be releasing on September 16 on Loud & Proud Records.

This will give May the chance to really showcase her abilities as she will be able to sing her songs instead of the band's older material that was written by Sturm. The only previous indication to what Flyleaf band would sound like fronted by May was with the release of the Who We Are EP, which featured "Something Better" with P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval.

The two singers each have distinct vocals and their voices are very different. Sturm was more grungy and even had screaming vocals while May is more of a powerful singer that belts out her lyrics.

Listen to the song below:

Flyleaf has been around since 2002 and released their self-titled debut in 2005. In 2009 they released Memento Mori and in 2012 they released New Horizons, the last album with Sturm, who left the band due to responsibilities as a mother and dealing with the loss of one of the band's engineers.

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