'Final Fantasy 15' Review Roundup: Was It Worth The Wait?

Vianne BurogDec 02, 2016 09:23 AM EST
SQUARE/ Final Fantasy XV

It took the creators of "Final Fantasy XV" about a decade to develop the video game, and now it is finally here.

The game opens with a splash screen claiming that "Final Fantasy XV" is a "Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers." Fans of the "Final Fantasy" franchise waited for years to play the game, so it is pretty understandable why they have set high expectations for this title.  

Since the game was released last November 29, reviews about the widely-touted RPG have started making the rounds online.

While some gamers call it an "epic waste of time," there are those who seem to disagree and believe that the game was worth the wait. Below is a selection of reviews about "Final Fantasy XV:"

"The best open-world game of the year. The map is huge and the battle system is dynamic and engaging, the art direction is satisfying. Despite some minor problems, this XV chapter of Final Fantasy sets a new road for the future of the series." -SpazioGames

"Final Fantasy XV" is a game that has everything to make you happy. It has a open world, but also, has many linear moments due to story, and the story is VERY good at all. Escaping the flames of war, Noctis epic journey with his best friends is very real and deep. The battle system is so good and the game has the best dungeons in all FF series. I loved Princess Luna, she is so cute and strong." -Gamesreflexoes

"Abysmal Story, Annoying Characters, Dumb Villain,No girl in the boy band,,weak plot , weak strategy, Bugs,
Bad secondary missions, Terrible clipping with characters in environments, Bad facial animations." -FartOnMyBowlz

"Destined to be as divisive as all modern Final Fantasy games, but it's the story and characters that disappoint more than the capable combat and exploration." -Metro Gamecentral

For more reviews about the game, visit Metacritic.

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