'Fast and Furious 8' Release Date, Cast: Paul Walker's Character to Return; What Cars Will Dom And The Rest Of The Crew Ride?

Joe BacaronMar 15, 2016 08:42 AM EDT
Instagram/Vin Diesel

While most of the cast members will return for "Fast and Furious 8," and the release date has all but etched in stone, the remaining question is: what are the supercars that will be featured in the latest installment in the billion-dollar franchise?

For now, there are no new updates on the cars to be used in "Fast and Furious 8" but Jalopnik did tease last month a photo of the actual vehicles reportedly being transported to the Iceland set of Vin Diesel's new film.

According to the website, the cars in "Fast 8" include some Lamborghini Murciélagos, Subaru Imprezas and one Rally Fighter.

"We also get a better look at Fast 8's military green armored trucks and their snorkels, plus a golf cart, of all things," it said.

But Digital Spy said that apart from the cast and release date, the news on the cars has been slow in coming.

"​Diesel and (director F Gary) Gray have yet to tell us what supercars could feature in the eighth instalment," it said. "But expect them to up the ante once again after the likes of the ​Lykan HyperSport made an appearance in 7​.​"

The website also hoped that the iconic DeLorean would make an appearance.

"But hopefully we'll get to see Dom inject some noz in something resembling the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS​​ or 1970 Dodge Charger," it added.

Aside from Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, most of the cast members are returning. Paul Walker's younger brother, Cody Walker, will take his place and act as O'Conner.

The release date for "Fast and Furious 8" will be on April 14, 2017. There should be more news about the cars to be used in the coming months.

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