Evernote News Update: Retrieve Your Files Exclusively On Google Cloud In 2017

Joe BacaronSep 22, 2016 10:03 AM EDT
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The private storage of Evernote is nearly bursting at seams and that's the reason why there's news now that it will migrate all data, which includes about 5 billion notes, to the much bigger Google Cloud Platform.

The process will start in October this year and will be finished by the end of the year.

Evernote's new CTO Anirban Kundu shared the news about the migration to TechCrunch. But he quickly added that the use of the app will not be interrupted with the ongoing transfer of files. Users also don't need to register or do something while migration is going on.

"The transition to the cloud will occur completely in the background," he said. "Behind the scenes, Evernote will become faster, stronger, and more stable."

He also assured that the migration won't result to Evernote users getting unsolicited ads from Google. What the company will add by 2017, however, is the encryption at rest which protects users data.

"We have no intention of using ads. Our user data is private to them and we protect that in the highest possible way," he added.

Earlier this year, Evernote was in the news when it announced that there's going to be a change for free users in the sense that they would only have access to Note on one device.

HuffingtonPost said that news on Evernote is alarming considering that ownership is heavily tilted on the app manufacturer. For example, when Mailbox shut down last year, millions of users had to find another app. Also, when WhatsApp shut down in Brazil, people again had to find another alternative.

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