Evangelist Ray Comfort Says a 'Tsunami Has Hit The Church' in America Because of Same Sex Marriage Ruling [INTERVIEW]

Jeannie LawJul 16, 2015 09:29 AM EDT
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BREATHEcast caught up with popular evangelist Ray Comfort to talk about his new film 'Audacity' in which he takes on the delicate subject of homosexuality and Christianity.

The film is coming at an interesting time because many Christians have been outspoken about the Supreme Court ruling of same-sex marriage. Comfort's film is a perfect evangelism tool for those Christians who want to peacefully share the truth of the Bible with the LGBTQ community.

"It wasn't a surprise this is the way we've been heading," Comfort said of the ruling, "But this not marriage, this is a civil union legalized by the government. Marriage is instigated by God between one man and one woman as a picture of Christ and the church."

He went on to say that in traditional marriages when the officiant says, 'if any one has any legal reason why this man and woman shouldn't be married in holy matrimony then let them speak now or forever hold their peace' that also proves marriages is between a man and woman.

"I'm speaking now and saying, guys this is not marriage and has nothing to do with marriage!" the way of the master minister stated, "If I call my V Dot Beatle a Lamborghini, it doesn't become a Lamborghini it's still a V Dot Beatle. Calling it marriage is not marriage. They're only fooling themselves. It's just the way of the world and if they want to do it go ahead."

When talking about the suddenness of the culture shift Comfort declared, "A tsunami has hit the church. We have all been taken back at the speed and power of what's happened in America. That so many massive companies like Nike and Microsoft and Wal-Mart have become pro-gay of all things."

The New Zealand native said 40 or 50 years ago homosexuality was "illegal" in all of the states "punishable by prison, sometimes hard labor and yet now it's celebrated."

When asked why he thought such a dramatic change has been implemented in the country, Comfort made no bones about who was at fault.

"We're seeing this world influenced by liberal, godless theology and the church has to make a stand. We have to be salt and light and say 'no nothings changes, God is still the same'." He demanded, "He wrote the 10 commandments in stone for a reason, their permanent, their going to judge you on judgment day and you need a savior and this is a time for the church to speak out."

Comfort says his new film 'Audacity' will tell people how to speak to a homosexual, and how to speak the truth in love. "Someone wrote to me and said in cynical fashion 'there's no way you can be a Christian, believe the Bible and not be hateful,' he said, "Well by the grace of God we did it in our movie. We didn't compromise the gospel and the reason for this is because we used biblical principles."

Many in the LGBTQ community believe that Christians who disagree with their life style are being hateful and bigoted. Some people who claim to be Christians actually have been hateful and bigoted, as seen by the West Borrow Baptist Church, but the Living Waters founder said it is all in our approach.

"You don't address the intellect with a homosexual or an adulterer or fornicator, you address the conscience and that brings it to a level playing field and that's what happened in 'Audacity'," he noted, "That's why homosexuals in the movie are not offended by the approach they might be offended by the gospel but they aren't offended by the approach. They see that the reason were talking to them is because we're concerned for their eternal welfare and not because we want to clean up society of that which we consider to be decadent."

Comfort's many evangelism videos on YouTube have made him very popular for tackling controversial issue that many avoid.

'Audacity' serves as a conversation tool between Christians and the LGBTQ community. It did not come off as Bible thumping and insensitive but instead from the heart of someone who genuinely wants to share the truth of God's word with a community that has been singled out. The film is relevant and timely and was seemly made with the intention of raising awareness but also providing the simple solution of accepting a savior in Jesus Christ that can wash away all sins.

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If you are interested in watching the short film or finding out more information visit audacitymovie.com

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