Evangelicals Slam Pastor Rick Warren for Jokingly Saying He Would 'Kiss' Elton John During Congress Hearing [VIDEO]

Jeannie LawMay 11, 2015 01:52 PM EDT
Rick Warren & Elton John

Pastor Rick Warren and iconic singer Elton John joined forces to speak to Congress last week about global health programs and their cordial joking behavior has evangelicals questioning the Pastor's true intentions.

Before Congress Warren maintained that the foreign governments he has worked with are "not nearly as afraid of the Church as" the U.S. government. Both John and the Saddleback mega church pastor urged lawmakers not to cut AIDS funding.

"Everybody has a different role to play and the Church's role is not government, and the government's role is not Church. But on health issues, and on education issues and on development issues, you can team tackle," Warren stated.

According to multiple reports as John and Warren took the witness table, they both laughed, and smiled as they held hands. According to WND.com and CnsNews Warren told John that if they kissed it would be "the kiss heard 'round the world."

As anticipated, Warren, who is arguably known as "America's Pastor," immediately raised questions for believers who follow the biblical belief that homosexuality is against God's ordinance. See HERE

"Its not just the 'holding of hands' that is a red flag. It's the fact that Rick Warren is supposed to be a Christian preacher who SHOULD teach the truths in the Bible about the sin of homosexuality," one wrote online, "The Bible is clear the sin of homosexuality leads to hell and preachers should follow God's word rather than pander to the lusts of the world."

Another defended the Pastor saying, "These men are here attempting to get financial support for Aids research/treatment. Why must we find fault with them on this occasion? So what if they are holding hands? They are in agreement on their objective, and that is absolutely okay."

Unfortunately for the open-minded minister comment after comment assured others online that his behavior was unacceptable.

"Rick Warren is an apostate and he shall surely perish for teaching another gospel and also for guiding the sheep astray," some one commented. Another maintained, "God would want his followers to stand against what's wrong!"

Not all commenters were angry with Warren but they did wish he had dealt with the matter differently. "If Jesus met with Elton John, He would tell him about his sin of homosexuality, and then He would show him the way to redemption," someone else advised.

Watch Warren speak on religious liberty in America at the senate global health hearing in the first video and hear the reaction of End Times Pastor Daniel Erickson below:

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