Eminem New Album 2013: " MMLP2" "Marshall Mather LP 2" "King of Hip-Hop" Official Music Video "Berzerk". The 2013 Comeback

Brianna BromleyOct 05, 2013 07:05 PM EDT

   Eminem, the notorious rapper has just announced that his eighth studio album will be available in stores come November 5th.  The album "Marshall Mather LP 2" features his childhood home in Detroit, Michigan on the cover of the label. The home, which is currently for sale on the market for a total of $1, has been said to be a huge inspiration in the making of Eminem. The rapper better known as "Slim Shady", has been one of the world's best selling music artist since the early 2000's, seling over 100 million albums thus far.

In 2011, Billboard Magazine stated that Eminem was the "King of Hip-Hop" by the accumulation of ranking, album sales, and most watched videos. This November, "The King of Hip-Hop" is making his debut with a brand new album featuring songs such as; "Berzerk" and "Fight Music" featuring rap artist, Ludacris.  Eminems latest album "Recovery", which was released back in 2010,  stayed at number one on the Billboard 200 chart for its first two weeks, and sold over 800,000 albums. "Marshall Mather LP 2" will surely get the same feedback considering this is Eminems comeback and album release in almost three years. Look for "MMLP2" in stores or on iTunes come November 5th. You can also go to Eminems website to look at special videos and an inside look on his featured songs. The Official trailer for "Berzerk" is below.

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