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Brianna BromleyApr 02, 2013 10:43 AM EDT

Christian Pop singer, Britt Nicole has been hitting the charts and inspiring young girls and boys along the way. Her new album "Gold" is a uplifting song that inspires young adults to keep their heads held high during rough situations throughout life.

                    "This , This is for the girls and boys all over the world,

                      Whatever you've been told, your worth more then Gold,

                      So hold your head up high, its your time to shine."

    Britt, a role model in her self, urges young persons within her lyrics in "Gold"  to stay true to themselves during hard situations, to always keep your head held high, and most of all always know that you are a special human being. After the CD was released Nicole received fan mail of such fans having a bad day and how "Gold" helped them to always look up and believe in their selves.  When Radio.com asked Nicole where she had gotten her inspiration from for writing the album  she stated that it was through her fans fan mail and respected singers Taylor Swift and Mary J. Blige. " Number one, I like artist who are really passionate and authentic about what their saying. Taylor swift is always so true in her lyrics ad writes from the heart, and Mary J. Blige, you can just feel it when you listen. It all comes from the heart. " stated Nicole.  While getting Grammy nominated, and setting records for herself in singles, Britt Nicole is also setting a fashion statement. During her Grammy nomination, Britt wore a red tutu dress then later talked about how during her wardrobe practices she rehearses in the mirror to see just how comfortable the dress is while moving and dancing. For Nicoles latest tour, she mentioned to Radio.com that she always like to be able to step into one environment to the next, while never having to change such a great outfit from on stage. " The last tour, I bought a big tutu skirt that had gold trim around the top of it and I now  always wear it with gold converse. Its like this prissy, really fun pop look and the Converse make it all the more fun and edgier" says Nicole during interview with Radio.com. Britt Nicoles album "Gold"  was re-released by Capital records with a new album cover on February 26th.



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