'Elite: Dangerous' PC System Requirements News: Why There Is No More Support For Win32 And DX10?

Jon MendozaSep 23, 2016 12:57 PM EDT
Frontier/Elite Dangerous

In recent news about Frontier Developments' "Elite: Dangerous," the game is reportedly dropping its support for some system specifications. In addition, the game's 2.2 beta has revealed some modifications.

Frontier CEO David Braben mentioned in a post on Frontier, as cited by PC Games N, that they spent a good deal of time planning for the future, and one issue they were discussing was the effect of supporting Win32 and DX10, along with the benefits that they would get if they were to drop them.

According to Braben, there were restrictions with Win32, such as the amount of memory they could address at a time. Also, he said that DX10 required an alternative rendering solution in their code. Thus, dropping both would help them support high end effects with a better result, which is to make the game better.

In other news, "Elite: Dangerous" unveiled some details on its 2.2 beta version. According to Frontier, the content covers game changers when it comes to fighters, surface features, passengers, engineers, and general fixes.

As per update 2.2, F-63 Condor, Imperial Fighter, and Taipan have been added as playable ships, along with fighter specific weapon modules, loadouts, and bays for supported ships like Anaconda, Beluga, Corvette, Cutter, Federal Gunship, Keelback, and Type 9. Also NPC fighter pilots can be hired and they receive a revenue percentage.

In terms of ships, the mother ship can be given orders when the player is a fighter and NPC ships can utilize ship launched fighters.

With regard to the surface features, the 2.2 beta unveils add-ons like geysers and fumaroles, along with new biological entities, and mysterious objects. Moreover, points of interests can now be persistent and this applies to new geological and organic features.

As for engineering, the beta update now adds limpet blueprints, scanner blueprints, defenses blueprints, utilities blueprints, and other new engineers.

The "Elite: Dangerous" 2.2 beta is currently ongoing on Windows and Xbox One.

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