Elishah is back with Remix Sessions!

Friendly City Records PRSep 21, 2012 07:12 AM EDT

Remix Sessions, from the band Elishah, was released on Sep. 18th, 2012. It contains 2012 dubstep remixes of songs from their 2009 full-length indie release, Nothing's Broken. Remix Sessions is the first Elishah project that strays from the rock genre, and it's an engaging departure.

For Remix Sessions, the band brought in producer Danny Stephens to handle synth and beat programming; Stephens worked alongside producer/engineer Ricky Rodriguez 

(who has also lent his expertise to bands like Eleventyseven, 7 Miles, and Smalltown Poets

to take tunes familiar to Elishah fans, and create a sound that not-so-subtly hints at the stylings of today's popular dubstep and dance artists.

"We have great fans and friends. Even though we're in the middle of recording our next full length rock album, we wanted to give them something new, different, and fun," Jimmy says. Remix Sessions is all that. To quote one listener: "It's like Elishah hooked up with Skrillex and Owl City to take some great songs and turn them into something you want to hear on the dance floor! I will be playing this over and over!"

About Elishah

Brothers Jimmy and Mike Atkins (who, by the way, sings from the drumkit) join band members Jake, John, and Josh to make up the North Carolina band Elishah who have traveled extensively since 2009, making friends and fans throughout the Tar Heel State and beyond, as their ministry continues to grow.

The band members agree that there is a call on their lives to pursue a career in sharing with others the truths God has given them through song.  "This is our dream, and we're so amazed that God would allow us to do what we love to in order to build up His kingdom," says Jimmy Atkins.  "More than anything, though, we want to be in His will.   Like Jesus said and did, we want only to say what the Father says and do what the Father does.  That is the goal."

When they're not on the road, Elishah serves as the worship band for their church, Four Points Fellowship, pastored by Jimmy's and Mike's Dad. They are doing tour dates in support of Remix Sessions, and their upcoming full-length album is in production, targeted for release in late 2012 or early 2013.

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