Eleven22 'The Reason' Album Review

Neshell HoganJul 08, 2012 05:16 PM EDT

Christian contemporary worship band, Eleven 22, has their first nationally released album "The Reason." The reason behind "The Reason" is an awe, inspiring and touching story that will captivate your heart and soul. Inspired by the words and lifestyle of a 15 year old born- again Christian, McKenzie Wilson, who left the earth too soon, she inspired and impacted the lives of so many around her. Eleven 22 strived to produce an album that created a heart- filled and emotional conversation with God. This album achieves the intimate setting for the listeners to open their hearts and minds to the words and music of each track.

Starting off the album, "God Alone" brings a warm and sincere thank you to God for everything He does for us. The combination of softly sung lyrics and simplistic musical tones make this track very real and passionate. With the accumulation of so many great musical attributes, "God Alone" is a beautiful way to open up the album.

"The Reason," which is one of the many songs on the album that is inspired by the innocent words and righteous actions of McKenzie, touch on the topics of how God loves no matter what we may do wrong. God loves us even when we have our doubts and when we question what He has in store for our lives. The reason we live is because God breathes life into us and gives us strength and faith to fight through the rough days. The song conveys the side that many believers hide which gives it so much more of an impact.

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"Burning Hearts'" moderate tempo and angelic vocals help make this song so sincere. The lyrics are portrayed as an intimate prayer between the listener and God asking for a burning and yearning heart for the Lord. This song was inspired by Luke 24: 32: "Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?" The song was created to stir up listeners to strive for a real connection with God.

1. God Alone

2. It Is Well

3. The Reason

4. Hands of Kindness

5. Dress Us Up

6. I Belong To You

7. We Bow Down

8. Love Like Fire

9. Burning Hearts

10. My Heart is Yours

This album will touch the hearts and minds of not only the saved, but the ones with a broken and weakened soul as well. It sets off a spark inside that warms you and prepares your mind for uninhibited worship. The album brings so many great things to the table. It brings the listeners closer to God, it lyrically tells stories of a true Christian's battle with strengths, our struggles and how God always pulls us through, and songs inspired by an inspirational young girl. All proceeds made from the album contribute to the construction of an orphanage in Uganda, Africa, for The McKenzie Noelle Foundation.

For more information on The McKenzie Noelle Foundation, visit: caregivegrow.com

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