Dutch Eclectic Worship Band Trinity Releasing Their First-Ever US Single "Alive Again" From Upcoming Album 'The In Between'

Marcus Lundin Jun 26, 2018 01:35 AM EDT
TRINITY/THE FUEL MUSICCover for Trinity's 2018 US debut single "Alive Again."

Netherlands-based eclectic worship band Trinity is releasing their first-ever radio single in the U.S. on July 13, "Alive Again" via The Fuel Music. The new single is a cut from their upcoming album, The In Between, slated to release this fall.

Formed by three Dutch brothers raised as missionary kids in Peru, Trinity is comprised of Elbert (lead vocals, flutes, saxophone), Johan (acoustic guitars), and Niek Smelt (drums, percussion), as well as Dutch-raised Bert Bos (bass). Describing itself as a Worldbeat band, Trinity fuses South American and Irish folk with African beats and pop grooves to create a unique, acoustic worship music experience.

Growing up in Peru, the Smelt-brothers bartered for lessons on indigenous instruments with English lessons and say they organically discovered the heart of Peruvian street music. Today, that same heart is still beating strong in Trinity's music and the band's vision to connect with people of all backgrounds.

"When I met Trinity, I discovered that they are four infectious individuals who have seen hardship first hand around the world, yet maintain a real sense of hope for the future," shares The Fuel Music's Tony Patoto. "It's inspiring to see their genuine love for people that led them to become musicians in the first place and the hope that their music captures."

"We want to be a band that reminds people of who you and I truly are: people crafted and loved by a God that knows life," says Elbert. "When you realize that each day is a grace-full God-gift, and that you're being invited to step into the circle of His love and share of that love with those around you, then you can, and will, feel fully alive."

Trinity's first release since Desert Rain in 2016, "Alive Again" is produced in the U.S. by Grammy-nominated and multiple Dove Award-winning Ian Eskelin and Barry Weeks and is the lead single from the band's upcoming album.

"It's a pretty scary adventure to launch a record in the United States, but we are Trinity and the world is our home," says Elbert. "We've learned that 'home' is not a place but a movement. Because to find solid ground you need to let go, and to get home you need to start walking."

Currently, Trinity is offering their new single "Alive Again" and the song "May You Have" as free downloads here for anyone signing up for the group's newsletter. The latest single will also be available on digital platforms everywhere, including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon.com, Spotify, and Google Play.

Stay tuned to BREATHEcast for the latest news about Trinity, or visit their official website for tour dates and more information and follow them on social media on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

Click below to watch a preview for Trinity's 2018 album release:

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