'Duck Dynasty' Phil Robertson Speaks Out Against Abortion 'They Have a Right to Live!', Watch Him Here (VIDEO)

Matt LloydAug 20, 2013 06:38 PM EDT



'Duck Dynasty' Phil Robertson Speaks Out Against Abortion with Conviction, Watch Him Here (VIDEO)


"Duck Dynasty" was back for Season 4 with the premiere episode last Wednesday but a video surfacing of Phil Robertson speaking is drawing other attention. 

This isn't a new video, appears to be at least several months old from other posting of it, but just recently made it's way into viral circles again. It even made its way to popular sites like Drudge Report. 

Phil Robertson is speaking at an event and gives his clear opinion and feelings on abortion. His passion for his faith is evident and clear as he speaks with strong conviction. 

Start about 2:30 to hear his abortion comments. 

"Listen, from the time you started inside your mother's womb, Thomas Jefferson had it right, you have the God-given right to live, for crying out loud. You're this long!" he said, holding out his finger. "You're a week old inside your mother. They suck you out of there when you're about like that," shares Robertson. 

He goes on to say, "And, when you got to be the size of my thumb, they suck you out. You wouldn't be here. Then, you grow a little bigger, like my fist - and finally eight, nine months later you come out. "And we debate whether it's a -- some woman has the right to tear you out of there, a piece at a time? C'mon! You have a God-given right to live. And of all places, inside your mother -- what in the world happened to us?"

It is good to see men like Phil Robertson with strong convictions of faith standing up for what they believe in. 

"Duck Dynasty" airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. Cst on A&E. 



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