Duck Dynasty Family Grants Make-A-Wish for Girl with Rare Disease, ’I'm Not Afraid To Die…Because I Know I’m Going To Heaven' (VIDEO)

William RameauFeb 17, 2014 12:28 PM EST

Zoe Kerly is among one of every 10 million children who suffer from a rare disease called pulmonary hypertension and now she is getting help from Duck Dynasty.

"Some days you can look at her and it's just impossible to believe that she's sick," said her mother Star Kerly to KAIT-TV. "It takes your breath away in more ways than one, this disease does. It's evil."

The only known treatment for pulmonary hypertension is a double lung and heart transplant.

"Average life span after diagnosis is five years," said Kerly in the KAIT-TV report. "We're going for more than that."

Zoe's family and friends met together on Thursday when the 10-year old girl received a major revelation from the Make-A-Wish foundation. Zoe's wish was to receive a "Duck Dynasty" room renovation.

Zoe's Christian faith ties her to the Robertson family. When she entered her house, Zoe was welcomed by a extraordinary recorded message from Justin Martin to let her know about a surprise upstairs.

"Hey Zoe, on behalf of the whole Duck Commander Crew, your wish has been granted," said Martin on the message. "Congratulations!"

Walking into her room upstairs, Zoe was amazed. First, she beheld the orange, green, and camo room. In addition, then there was a signed "Duck Dynasty" hat from the Duck Commander gang, as well as several posters and decorations in her room.

"This is her Make-A-Wish," Zoe's mom said to KAIT adding, "but it affects all of us who have loved and watched her go through this. We get to watch just happiness."

Since Zoe's disease was detected early, she could begin medications she needed instantly.

"The next step is probably an IV that feeds straight into the heart," said Zoe's mother explaining the procedure to KAIT.

Zoe Kerly is the one that motivates her parents during this difficult time in her life.

"Zoe has a great faith," said Kerly to KAIT. "One of the hardest conversations is she'll tell ya...'I'm not afraid to die...because I know I'm going to heaven.'"

Video Courtesy of FOX5 Vegas - KVVU

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