Drudge Report News: ISIS Terrorist Threat to Chicago? Twitter Post Claims New US Target

Shilpa ChakravortyAug 29, 2014 08:50 PM EDT

According to Drudge Report, an American news aggregation website, Chicago might be the first target for the terror group, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), and their purported attack on U.S soil.

The report, released Friday, claims an alleged ISIS member or supporter posted two pictures over Twitter, one that was supposedly taken at the Old Republic Building in Chicago located at 307 N. Michigan Ave, and the other at the White House in the U.S Capital.

The Authorities nor Drudge Report have yet to publicly identify the Twitter user. The post that reportedly originated in Iraq, goes on to send a message to the U.S from the terror group. The message threatens its citizens, and insinuates that a plan to strike America is allegedly underway.

Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma also warned of an imminent attack by the ISIS group on American soil. The Oklahoma Senator said that the terrorist organization is currently in haste to map out a plan to destroy the country, and blamed US President Barack Obama for allegedly not taking any action to eliminate the threat.

Inhofe also seems to be unconvinced of the measures that the Obama administration has taken so far, in which the US Senator asserted that the threats the nation is currently facing, through the reported infiltration of ISIS factions in the US, is just as great a threat as the ones currently boiling outside the US, citing that the terror group has been "undoing a lot of good that has been done."

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