'Dragon Age: Inquisition' New DLC News: Free Dragonslayer Update Download, New Patch, & More

Alyza Katrina C. TorresMay 07, 2015 11:14 AM EDT
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The time has finally arrived for avid gamers of 'Dragon Age: Inquisiton', as their awaited Dragonslayer DLC and other patches are now made available for the gamers to download for free. With just a few storage spaces, the long awaited DLC and new patches can now be fully used.

Reportedly, there are several problems in the game which were gladly addressed by the new patch released today. It has just been reported that BioWare, the developers of the game released two pieces of DLC namely: The Black Emporium, and the Dragonslayer.

Not only that, the company has also released a few new patches for the game to be fully functional and smooth flowing when gamers download both the DLCs. The first DLC released which is The Black Emporium is said to feature an in-game shopping mall.

The gamers can now be able to purchase new weapons, accessories and crafting materials and can also change the appearances of their in-game characters through the four added stores that the DLC offers. Meanwhile the exciting part is reportedly the Dragonslayer DLC which is said to allow players to have the Dragon's call.

The Dragon's call is a special feature that allows users to add high battles, have a unique map and add three new characters namely: Avvar Skywatcher, Isabela, and Raider Queen of the Eastern Seas. Even more exciting is that these DLCs can be downloadable for free with only 200 MB for the Black emporium and 3.85 GB worth of space for the Dragonslayer.

Beyond that, the game will be releasing a new patch which reportedly fixes several issues that gamers have been complaining about and other things that improves stability as well as some that adds the ability for PC players to sheathe and unsheathe their weapons.

Meanwhile the Jaws of Hakkon DLC is reportedly scheduled to be released this coming May 26, 2015.

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