Disciple 'O God Save Us All' Album Review

Neshell HoganNov 19, 2012 11:46 AM EST

Christian hard rock band and Dove award winner, Disciple, has released their latest album, O God Save Us All. This being their 10th album release, it is easy to say that this band has plenty of song writing experience under their belt and their musicianship and talent is expected to shine through like no other. Although some argue when a band produces this many albums the music is destined to sound repetitive and lack luster, but Disciple defies all odds with this release that may be their best yet!

The album’s first radio single, ‘Draw the Line’ has been available for purchase for a few months now giving Disciple fans a taste of what’s to come in their upcoming release. This tracks’ Christian contemporary style combined with strong and convincing lyrics make it the perfect single. Its upbeat and inspirational lyrics are sure to hit home in the hearts of those looking to make a change for the better in their lives.

‘O God, Save Us All’ is one track that has major repeatability. At first glance by the song’s title, one would think this track would lean towards the acoustic or contemporary styles; however the song goes in the opposite direction jolting your ears and combines hard rock riffs with some awesome aggressive vocals. It has a similar sound to the Christian Rap Metal band TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch) which by no means is a bad thing.

Clocking in at only 2:38, Disciple has managed to fuse in some heavy metal power in such a small amount of time. ‘Unstoppable’ is by far the hardest and heaviest track on the album and will easily be the favorite among all metal head listeners. The guitar riffs shift perfectly between speeds of metal and heavy rock which make it the ultimate head banger. Kevin Young’s gritty vocals really shine through in this track. The lyrics aren’t incredibly deep or heart moving (and it is clear that wasn’t their intentions) but the track still provides an empowering message to all the listeners that we are unstoppable during all of our turmoil and battles.

1. Outlaws
2. O God, Save Us All
3. RIP
4. Once and For All
5. Someday
6. Draw the Line
7. Kings
8. Unstoppable
9. The One
10. Beautiful Scars
11. Trade A Moment

If you’re looking for something on the soft and passionate side try out the tracks ‘Once and For All’, ‘Someday’, ‘Beautiful Scars’ and ‘Trade A Moment’ which all still bring out elements of hard rock but with a more ballad type approach. If you’re into some light to heavy head banging check out ‘Outlaws’, ‘RIP’, ‘Kings’, ‘Unstoppable’ and ‘The One.’ Either way, this album has something to offer to all listeners.

This band really shows their colors throughout the tracks jumping from different styles and genres, yet still able to make a cohesive album. No two tracks can be compared and that’s what makes this album such a fantastic listen. O God Save Us All is sure to leave Disciple fans more than pleased and will definitely pick up more fans along the way. It’s safe to say even though Disciple has been around for a long time they still have a lot of God-given talent and perseverance left in them.

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